Spanish Language Arts and Literacy

Immerse your K-5 students in stories, songs, and art that respect and reflect the uniqueness of the Spanish language and the rich cultural heritage of its speakers.

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Celebrate Spanish Language and Culture

Bilingual learners are uniquely poised for language advantages that can be transferred across languages, including foundational literacy.

Imagine Learning Spanish Language Arts programs

Personalized, scaffolded instruction for K-5 students

Our Spanish language arts programs offer students in grades K–5 the personalized, scaffolded instruction they need to achieve learning breakthroughs in literacy, all while having fun.

Culturally representative and respectful content

Our programs, Imagine Español and Imagine Lectura, supplement core instruction with culturally representative and respectful Spanish content that honors the rich traditions and diverse cultures of the Spanish-speaking world.

Imagine Learning Spanish Language Arts content

A Trusted Partner for Serving Bilingual and Multilingual Students

We Believe All Students Are Language Learners

Teach your students academic language with our engaging instruction and practice opportunities.

All Content is Authentic and Never Translated

All of our content is original and read in accents from throughout Spain and Latin America.

Programs Developed from Decades of Research

Our programs use Spanish literacy best practices to develop and build on biliteracy foundations.

Biliteracy Supplemental Suite

Advance biliteracy and cultural competency for PreK–5 students with a suite of personalized, respectful literacy and language development solutions in Spanish and English.

Discover how Imagine Language & Literacy® pairs with Imagine Español® to provide direct, explicit, and systematic instruction and practice — perfect for dual language programs. Add Imagine Galileo assessments to paint a comprehensive portrait of student achievement.

STEM Supplemental Suite

Enrich Your Students’ Spanish and English Literacy

Imagine Lectura

Imagine Lectura

Help bilingual students in grades 3–5 unlock comprehension and succeed with grade-level learning tasks

Imagine Galileo

Imagine Galileo

Paint a detailed picture of student achievement with our comprehensive ELA, math, and science assessment system.

Imagine Español

Imagine Español

Accelerate Spanish language and literacy development with personalized learning for students in grades K–2.

Award-winning Spanish language curriculum

Imagine Español was named a Tech & Learning Best Tool for Back to School in the Primary (K–6) category.

Imagine Lectura was a finalist for Best Literacy App or Tool and was the only SLA program represented.

Award-winning curriculum

Ignite Breakthroughs ¡en español!

Partner with Imagine Learning to provide your students with a culturally authentic, rigorous, standards-aligned Spanish language arts curriculum.

Research Foundations of Our Spanish Language Arts Programs

Imagine Español Compendium of Research Principles

Each activity in Imagine Español is based on current research principles taken from the United States, Mexico, and a sampling of other countries to provide a global perspective of Spanish, which have been proven to facilitate language development.


How Imagine Lectura Aligns with Effective Spanish Literacy Instruction

Imagine Lectura is crafted with a research-based and classroom-validated instructional design. Explore these recommendations for effective Spanish literacy instruction and how Imagine Lectura — a blended learning solution — aligns with this research.


For More Support for Elementary Students, Explore:

Imagine Reading

Imagine Reading

Imagine Reading provides supplemental reading instruction that helps students in grades 3–8 achieve grade-level proficiency.

Imagine Galileo

Imagine Galileo

Paint a detailed picture of student achievement with our comprehensive ELA, math, and science assessment system.

Imagine Math

Imagine Math

Imagine Math combines a rich curriculum, language support, and a fun, adaptive digital experience to help students become confident, curious math students.