Imagine Learning Guidebooks

Foster a love of deep reading and skilled writing for students in grades 3–12 with core curriculum that immerses students in reading and writing lessons across genres.

Imagine Learning Guidebooks

Student-Centered, Highly Engaging Curricula

Built by educators, for educators, the program centers around the texts students love. It connects across multiple genres, creating a web of meaning, which is critical to the development of reading and writing skills.


We support whole class and small group instruction and support teachers in moving to strategic instruction. Students build understanding and knowledge through text sets, compelling questions, and integrated reading and writing activities.

Our curriculum features:

  • Customizable lessons and assessments for flexibility and personalization.
  • Robust data and reporting to differentiate instruction to student needs.
  • Hands-on platform training for teachers and leaders to implement with integrity.

With Imagine Learning Guidebooks®, educators have access to the highest quality curriculum with best-in-class digital delivery.

An Easy-to-Use, Comprehensive Digital Platform

Rated ‘All Green’ by EdReports

According to, Imagine Learning Guidebooks’ content is “appropriately rigorous, engaging, and organized to support students as they build knowledge of topics and themes.”

Foster Love for Reading and Writing

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Our Research & Impact

Louisiana teachers with Imagine Learning Guidebooks outperform peers

In a 2016 study, RAND found that teachers in Louisiana who use Imagine Learning Guidebooks demonstrated a better understanding of state standards than their counterparts and scored higher on multiple indicators than their peers in any other state.

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