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Imagine Math®

Explore a rich and adaptive supplemental mathematics curriculum that builds students’ confidence with grade-level content. Fun incentives and scaffolds keep learners motivated while Live Teaching offers real-time, on-demand rigorous instruction.

Imagine Math

Drive Math Breakthroughs with Scaffolded, Grade-Level Content

Grades PreK–2

Grades 3+


Overall average annual Quantile growth in a 2021–2022 national analysis


Evidence for ESSA has ranked Imagine Math as “Promising”


of Imagine Math educators use it for independent practice in class

Imagine Math Features and Benefits

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Adaptive, Age-Appropriate Learning

Ideal as a supplement to standards-based core instruction from PreK through Geometry, Imagine Math’s two, age-appropriate learning environments are designed for student engagement. Set learners on adaptive, grade-level pathways, or create custom pathways aligned to your core program or your district learning goals.

Grades PreK2

Created to inspire a lifelong love of mathematics, Imagine Math for Grades PreK–2 immerses early learners in an engaging storybook context that seamlessly teaches them to see mathematics in their everyday world.  

Purposeful, intentional scaffolds encourage perseverance and growth

Fully available in both English and Spanish

Contextualized vocabulary promotes the use of academic language

Game-based lessons develop motivation and perseverance with supports and incentives

Grades 3+

Engage students in a meaningful exploration of mathematical understanding. An emphasis on academic discourse empowers learners to apply reasoning and critical thinking skills, setting them up for future successes in school and beyond.

Access to on-demand Live Teaching

First-language support for English learners

Embedded opportunities for students to model with mathematics

Interactive reward system develops both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation

Live Teaching for Grades 3+

Certified, bilingual (English/Spanish) Live Teachers offer grades 3+ students real-time, on-demand rigorous instruction before, during, and after school — even during school vacations

Live Teaching:

Develops conceptual understanding through direct, rigorous instruction

Helps students before, during, and after school — exactly when they need it

Uses multiple visual representations to engage students in academic discourse

Teaches students the concept behind the problem, encouraging reasoning and conceptual understanding

Reinforces appropriate mathematical discourse during every session

Includes access to bilingual English-Spanish teachers available 75+ hours/week, including nights and weekends

Progressive Layers of Support

Imagine Math’s unique, adaptive curriculum lets students have fun while still constantly challenging them with grade-level content to develop conceptual understanding — multiple scaffolds and progressive levels of support ensure they always feel successful.

Level 1 Support:
Math Help

As students proceed through their personalized learning pathways, they receive automated corrective feedback at each step. A calculator, a formula reference guide, a multilingual glossary, and other scaffolds are available at the click of a button.

Level 2 Support:
Live Teaching

Grades 3+ students work 1:1 with certified, bilingual math teachers in real time, explaining their thought processes and asking questions using chat.

Level 3 Support:
Interactive Whiteboard

Live Teachers clarify complex concepts, demonstrate multiple representations to solve problems, and provide visual models using voice, chat, and a two-way interactive whiteboard that simulates a classroom environment.

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Real-World Motivation

Collage of a laptop displaying THINK points, Imagine Math characters, and a "Summer Math Splash" contest badge

As students work through Imagine Math lessons, younger students earn tokens and older students earn THINK points, with opportunities to recover points when they persevere. All students can use their rewards to join in nationwide contests, and grades 3+ students can design and accessorize their avatars, contribute to classroom goals (pizza party, anyone?), or donate money to student-centered charitable causes.

Research-Proven Math Gains

We analyzed data from students nationwide who used the Imagine Math program during the 2021-2022 school year to determine the overall efficacy of the program. 


The number of students whose benchmark data was analyzed


Overall average Quantile growth


Students who completed 30+ lessons outperformed their peers

The greater the gap, the greater the gains

Students who tested far below grade level showed the most substantial Quantile score growth after a year of using Imagine Math.

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See how Imagine Math can motivate learners in your classroom.

Don’t miss these Imagine Math highlights:

  • Custom, flexible learning pathways fit the scope and sequence of your district’s curriculum map
  • Multiple scaffolds provide access to grade-level content
  • STEM-Focused Application Tasks align to Next-Generation Science Standards
  • Technology-enhanced items mirror state assessments
  • Align instruction to popular core programs, including Illustrative Math, Eureka Math, EnVision Math, Go Math, and Bridges
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