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Rediscover the certified Illustrative Mathematics curriculum you know and trust — now enhanced with more tools and features. Imagine IM’s print and digital solution is driven by student discourse, built around focus, coherence, and rigor, and equips students to thrive.

Available for Back to School Fall 2024

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Imagine IM

The Certified Illustrative Mathematics curriculum. Optimized by Imagine Learning for engagement, accessibility, and usability.

With this new IM edition, we hope to empower even more teachers and students. As a premium partner, Imagine Learning embodies the rigor and integrity of the IM curriculum with a keen focus on engagement, usability, and accessibility. Our IM mission is to give all students equity and access to grade level mathematics. Imagine IM is our next step in achieving this mission.

Dr. Bill McCallum

Co-Founder of Illustrative Mathematics

Imagine IM Features and Benefits

Make mathematics meaningful and relevant

Students are natural mathematicians: good at thinking about problems, sharing ideas, learning from mistakes, and being curious about others’ thinking. Imagine IM is full of such opportunities — valuing and inspiring students and encouraging them to be more productive. It’s a community where all students can build confidence and become empowered with skills to apply throughout college, careers, and beyond.

Collage of math lessons
Digital and print assets

Tools that you won’t find anywhere else

  • A blend of digital and print that effectively supports a variety of implementation models
  • Enhanced media content with Inspire Math and Family Support videos
  • Increased engagement through student-centered, discourse-driven instructional design
  • Enhanced manipulative and resource kits reduce teacher prep time and ease implementation
  • Accelerated middle courses, as well as both traditional and integrated high school courses support multiple pathways at grades 6-12

Implementation that fits teachers’ needs

Teachers can better hone their craft as master facilitators when they have high-quality, embedded supports — such as PL supports and Learning Narrative and Lesson Example videos — that save them time. Imagine IM’s exclusive print Teacher Guides and Student Workbooks offer improved design, quality, and usability over other IM versions, increasing engagement, accessibility, and appeal.

Take us with you

Explore a wealth of tools exclusive to Imagine IM to enhance the classroom experience for teachers and students.

New Features Guide

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