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Solving for equity in reading begins with creating equitable learning opportunities. Imagine Reading® uses research-based and classroom-validated lessons to build reading confidence in grades 3–8.

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Imagine Reading

Enable Independent Reading Inside and Outside of the Classroom

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We scaffold learning for students in grades 3–8 to increase equity in literacy, make them more proficient readers, and help them find joy in reading. With a flexible instructional routine strong enough to adapt to any classroom’s structure, we support students through each new text to enable independent reading in and out of the classroom.

When students experience success with Imagine Reading, their confidence to read grade-level texts grows, and they have plenty of opportunities to showcase what they know through academic discourse and group projects.

Create Lifelong Readers

Research-Based and Classroom-Validated

Crafted with an instructional design that is both research-based and classroom-validated, Imagine Reading puts best practices for effective literacy instruction into action to help students become stronger readers.

Equity in Reading Opportunities

With Imagine Reading, every student has the opportunity and support to experience success with grade-level texts selected to intrigue and inspire them.

Grow Your Teacher Toolkit

Educators can enhance their classrooms with resources to develop students’ reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Tools for teachers are built into Imagine Reading at point of use for successful classroom use.

Built for Bilingual Learners

We want all students to strengthen their reading skills in culturally respectful and high-interest environments. Imagine Reading is even more effective for Spanish language students when paired with Imagine Lectura to bridge reading skills and topics.

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Middle School Students Outperform Peers on the Renaissance Star Reading® Test

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