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Imagine Language & Literacy

Discover the only personalized learning program that simultaneously accelerates both literacy skills and English language development.

Imagine Language & Literacy

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Emergent bilingual learners using Imagine Language & Literacy® at a district in Texas were 1.35x more likely to meet standards on a state English proficiency assessment


Students at three districts across Texas achieved 1.8x greater growth on a standardized assessment compared to non-participating peers

20 years

Imagine Language & Literacy has been helping students exceed expectations nationwide for 20 years

Imagine Language & Literacy Features and Benefits

Simultaneous, Personalized Language and Literacy Instruction

Imagine Language & Literacy is the only personalized learning program that accelerates both language and literacy skills development side by side. Direct, explicit, and systematic instruction and practice ensure students learn critical skills in four language domains. Personalized learning pathways adapt automatically to maximize engagement and progress, accelerating to match a cognitive leap or adjusting when a student needs extra scaffolding and support.

A flowchart showing how word recognition and language comprehension make up reading comprehension
A circular flowchart demonstrating the 5 Components of Reading: phonemic awareness, fluency, comprehension, phonics, and vocabulary

Aligned to the science of reading

Not only does Imagine Language & Literacy teach the “Big 5” components of reading, but it also provides direct, explicit, and systematic instruction and practice of language and literacy skills in tandem — which is at the heart of science of reading research.

Accelerate, Differentiate, and Target Support

Reach every learner in your classroom and meet their individual needs simultaneously.

  • Our proprietary Smart Sequencer™ makes decisions dynamically about what students will do next, accelerating to match a cognitive leap or adjusting when a student needs extra support
  • The Action Areas Tool automatically groups students based on similar skill and standards gaps, and suggests additional supplemental activities to support students who need extra support
  • Our instructional model is proven to accelerate learning through skills instruction tied to a connected text
2 screenshots demonstrating the Action Areas Tool

More fluency in less time with Fluent Reader+

Helping your students to achieve oral reading fluency is easier than ever, thanks to Imagine Learning’s new Fluent Reader+. It listens as your students read and scores their reading automatically, allowing you to better monitor and support individual students on their journey to oral reading fluency.

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Equitable Learning for All Students

Students come to the classroom with a wide range of abilities. Imagine Language & Literacy helps build an equitable learning environment for your diverse body of students, so everyone can succeed.

Multilingual learners

  • Human-voiced audio supports in 15 languages
  • Specialized instruction based on student’s first language
  • Language instruction infused into daily activities
  • Fluent Reader+ treats all accents and dialects equitably

Students needing extra support

  • Self-paced learning for critical literacy skills
  • Scaffolded supports with every lesson
  • Direct, explicit, and systematic instruction

Advanced students

  • Personalized learning pathways accelerate progression
  • Students work on only the skills they need

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Accelerate Language & Literacy in Your Classroom

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First-Language Support for David, a Third-Grade ELL in California


First-Language Support for David, a Third-Grade ELL in California