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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

With STEM skills, who knows how far they’ll go? Prepare the next generation of STEM leaders with digital and hands-on learning. 


Prepare students for the future

When students have access to STEM learning, the sky’s the limit. Equitable access to essential 21st-century skills is the best way to ensure success for all learners — as they move from school into careers and beyond. 

Equitable access looks like: 

  • Home language supports 
  • Browser-based programs that don’t require specialty hardware
  • Hands-on learning to accommodate all learning styles
  • Inclusive curriculum
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3.5 million

Estimated STEM job openings in the U.S. by 2025

11.3 million

The number of people in the U.S. who will work in STEM by 2030


The year the Department of Education established the “YOU Belong in STEM” initiative

Teach the 4Cs of STEM

Critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication — these are skills that stand out to both college admissions officers and hiring managers in any field. Imagine Learning’s collection of rigorous, engaging, and culturally relevant STEM curricula challenges K–12 students and empowers them with the support they need to develop high-value skills.

Give students a head-start on college and career readiness with the 4Cs of STEM:

Critical thinking: analyzing and interpreting a situation or information, assessing evidence, and integrating prior knowledge to make connections to new situations

Creativity: thinking “outside the box” when challenged, improving ideas, working within constraints, and learning from failure

Collaboration: working in groups, sharing responsibility, and making decisions and compromises

Communication: clearly expressing ideas, understanding their meaning, and demonstrating concepts to different audiences

STEM Supplemental Suite

Help students develop their critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity skills with rigorous and engaging STEM curricula that’s designed to support a variety of implementation models for grades PreK–12. 

Discover how Imagine Math® pairs with Imagine Math Facts® and Imagine MyPath to deliver personalized, adaptative learning paths that not only motivate students’ curiosity and build confidence with grade-level math, but also make math fluency fun and effective. And, use 3D dancing robots and fascinating multimedia resources to inspire the next generation of coders and scientists with Imagine Robotify and Imagine Science Corner™

Discover STEM For Every Learner

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Imagine IM

Rediscover the certified Illustrative Mathematics curriculum you know and trust — now enhanced with more tools and features. Imagine IM’s print and digital solution is driven by student discourse, built around focus, coherence, and rigor, and equips students to thrive.

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Imagine Math

Imagine anytime, anywhere supplemental math practice that motivates students in PreK through Geometry.

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Imagine Math Facts

Award-winning gamification makes math fluency fun and effective for students in grades 1–5.

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Imagine MyPath Math

Give every K–12 student a pathway to grade-level success with a personalized and adaptive program in reading and math.

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Twig Science

Discover comprehensive coverage of science standards through engaging hands-on and digital investigations in which Pre-K–8 students take on the roles of real-world scientists and engineers.

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Imagine Science Corner

Spark curiosity in science phenomena for all K–5 learners with easy-to-use resources that ignite scientific understanding and enhance your core solution.

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Imagine Robotify

The best option for beginner coders. Students learn to code by programming virtual robots in extraordinary virtual environments. Students produce original ideas and grow their capacity for creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration. Students will master math, critical thinking, and coding skills.

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STEM for Everyone

Launch a core science curriculum that will inspire a lifetime of curiosity and discovery in your students.