Imagine Science Corner

Spark curiosity in science phenomena for all K–5 learners with easy-to-use resources that ignite scientific understanding and enhance your core solution.

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Imagine Science Corner

Spark Curiosity in Science Phenomena

Strengthen your science program with video lessons and student-driven, Project-Based Learning Investigations

STEM education is essential in today’s classrooms. Every child deserves the opportunity to engage with science, technology, engineering, and math. Science, the foundation for technology and engineering, is crucial to understanding and solving some of the complex challenges of today — and tomorrow.

Discover Equitable Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Learning

Flexible, Customized Science

Grade-Level Pathways

Students follow default grade-level pathways for 20-minute sessions every other week. Use the optional vocabulary printable at the lesson level to reinforce scientific terminology in class or as homework.

Customize Learning On-Demand

Educators can use Assignment Builder to create custom learning pathways, which can be aligned to your core science curriculum or used to assign specific instructional content to individual students.

Flexible Implementation Models

Easily optimize Imagine Science Corner for varied implementation models to suit your needs: in-class rotation, computer lab rotation, whole-class instruction, small-group instruction, before/after school instruction, summer school, or summer camp.

3 example pages from a "Habitat Wonders" PBL

Instructional Content Designed for Scientific Understanding

Engage students with fun, age-appropriate video lessons

Imagine Science Corner lessons are designed to be developmentally appropriate and visually appealing to elementary learners. Engagement activities keep students interested, while supported practice and lesson mastery check opportunities ensure understanding. Lessons incorporate numerous engaging opportunities to hone students’ scientific vocabulary and academic discourse proficiency, including embedded discourse questions, an interactive glossary, and optional vocabulary printables.

Performance-Based Assessment

Activate STEM skills in your classroom with student-driven, Project-Based Learning (PBL) Investigations

Imagine Science Corner provides all students with access to rigorous, student-centered instruction and opportunities to make meaningful connections to real-world science concepts. Project-Based Learning Investigations with comprehensive educator support build a shared understanding of big science ideas through discourse and collaboration.

3 example pages from a "Habitat Wonders" PBL

Spark Curiosity with Customized Learning

Inspire K–5 science learning breakthroughs with Imagine Science Corner.