August 23, 2023 9:00 am

Imagine Learning, the Largest National Provider of Digital Curriculum Solutions, Launches Artificial Intelligence Focused Venture Fund 

Imagine Learning Ventures Will Invest in Disruptive and Promising A.I.-Powered Educational Solutions

Imagine Learning, the largest national provider of digital curriculum solutions serving over 15 million students and one million educators, has launched Imagine Learning Ventures, a venture fund to make investments in promising A.I.-powered educational solutions. Leveraging Imagine Learning’s industry expertise, domain knowledge, and strong balance sheet, coupled with its track record of successful acquisitions and investments in emerging technologies, this new fund will complement the company’s A.I. development initiatives with investments in startups that are at the forefront of innovative solutions for K–12 educators and learners.

“We have built a world-class business predicated on the fundamental belief in and commitment to the transformative impact of digitally enabled learning,” said Jonathan Grayer, Chairman and CEO of Imagine Learning. “Imagine Learning has always been at the cutting edge of leveraging technology, including A.I., to empower educators and improve student outcomes. We are investing aggressively, tapping into the enormous potential of generative A.I. while always keeping learner well-being and the teacher’s success top of mind to help shape tomorrow’s classrooms.”   

“Imagine Learning Ventures is differentiated in several ways: by the strength of our balance sheet, which allows us to deploy millions of dollars across the A.I. landscape; by our patient capital approach that encourages thoughtful product development and engagement with teachers and administrators to solve their problems and improve learning outcomes; and by bringing access to a diversified network of businesses and customers across the K–12 ecosystem. We look forward to partnering with entrepreneurs around the world that can benefit from our established presence in K–12 education and long-term perspective,” Mr. Grayer stated. 

Imagine Learning continuously invests to improve and augment its suite of leading curriculum products with tools that leverage A.I. to support students and educators. The company is focused on using A.I. to make itself more innovative, efficient, and productive — all designed to create better products and outcomes for customers. 

Mr. Grayer concluded: “We are laser-focused on creating educational technology that does the heavy lifting so that teachers can do their most important work — interacting with students to ensure their academic success. The responsible use of A.I. means that we must always serve the teaching and learning goals, empower educators, follow sound pedagogy, and ensure that our solutions are safe for students and free from bias. We are excited about Imagine Learning Ventures and the opportunities ahead.” 

About Imagine Learning 

Every classroom, every student is bursting with potential. That’s why we pursue relentless innovation at the intersection of technology, people, and curricula. Imagine Learning creates PreK–12 digital-first solutions, fueled by insights from educators, that evolve with the ever-changing demands of tomorrow. We work alongside educators to support over 15 million students in half of the districts nationwide. Our core portfolio includes Twig Science®, Imagine Learning Illustrative Mathematics®, and Imagine Learning EL Education®. Our robust supplemental and intervention suite equips learners with insightful and personalized instruction for literacy in English and Spanish, math, coding, and more. Imagine Edgenuity is our flagship courseware solution, complemented by Imagine School Services’ Certified Teachers. Imagine Learning. Empower potential.