PATH: Protecting women from HIV & AIDS, and unintended pregancy

PATH staffer Cristina Butler holding a Woman's Condom female condom.
PATH staffer Cristina Butler holding a Woman’s Condom female condom.

As part of the Imagine2030 campaign we want to show that innovation is not just something for the future. Biomedical advances being made right now will shape how we fight diseases of poverty in the future, and are delivering changes every day. It will be these advances, and the organisations behind them, that will bring us closer to our goal: an end of diseases of poverty by 2030.

For ourĀ focus on HIV & AIDS in January 2017, our partners at PATH share the latest developments in the field of “dual protection” – working as they are to protect women and girls from HIV & AIDS and unintended pregnancy. Read on to find out more!

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